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Referral Agent(s) Agreement

Referral Agent(s) Agreement

1. Purpose                                                                                                                                             
The purpose of this agreement is to set out working relationship between Referral            
Agents and INI Diversity and to make clear each parties responsibilities.

1a. Protects Clients, Referral Agents and INI Diversity.

2. Agreement                                                                                                   
This means the contract that sets out the terms of the business between theReferral        
Agent, Client and INI Diversity.

3.  Definition of Terms                       
This is the meaning of terms used in business.

4a. Referral Agent                                                              
Referral agent refers to a company, group of people or an individual designated as a vehicle to facilitaton.  He sources and retains clients for INI Diversity. He must also be   given written  authorizationby the client to act on his or her behalf.

4b. Client                                                                                                                                                            Refers to the one whose interest INI Diversity undertakes either through a referral agent or directly to guide and represent for a fee.

4c. Client Properties                                                                                                                                       These are documents belonging to the client and/or relating to family members for the purpose of consultation.  They include all true bio data, change of names,  academic credentials, photographs, videos, marriage(s) and child(ren) information and letters in connection with the purpose of retainer; submitted prior to commencement.

4d. Client Records  
These are ongoing evidence and information concerning statements made, the    activities performed and results achieved from the begining to the end of the         services.                                                                                                                                                        

4e. Retainer Agreement                                                                                                                                        This is a document agreed upon by both the Client and INI Diversity stating the terms                 of work and arrangement.

4f. Agent Agreement                                                                                                                                     This is the contract between INI Diversity and the Referral Agent that maps out the scope of business arrangement, agents roles and boundaries and remuneration.

5. Expecatations   
Every Referral Agent must clearly indentify themselves by providing the following:

5a.          Full name

5b.         Company name (If applicable)

5c.          Business situate address (street, city, region, country and postal code)

5d.         Telephone number

5e.         Email Address

5f.           Referral Agents must inform INI Diversity of any changes to the information on file             wthin fifteen (15) working days of the change                                                                         

6. Responsibilities

6a. Market our services:  Referral Agents may inform and share the information of INI Diversity with the general public via promotions and also inform clients of the process of consulting and cost implication. They must also encourage clients to contact us directly by telephone or email.

6b. Meet with individual(s)

6c. Recruit Clients:  Referral Agents may recruit clients by screening and reviewing their                          resumes to be familiar with their background before accepting and submitting client(s)                information, document and records; which may be done through the Referral Agent with high sense of confidentiality or directly by the client(s) to

6d. The Referral Agent must highly protect the clients personal information and records                          from loss or leakage.

6e. Referral Agents must be open to trainings and supervision. Can be referrred to By-laws and regulations pertaining to their responsibilies and must be willing to learn and adhere to their responsibilities and boundaries.

6f. Study this agreement

7Fees & Method of Payment

7a. The agent agrees never to collect money from clients.

7b. Payments must be made directly by the clients to INI Diversity via any legal means of                         money transfer such as bank, interac, paypal, in person etc

7c. Invoice must be issued for every payment made.

7d. Any payment made by proxy is at client(s) risk.

7e. Payments made via agents must be remitted to INI Diversity within twenty (24) hours       of such payment. INI Diversity is not responsible for any payment lost in such process.

7f. Referral agents shall be paid upon final delivery of duties.

7g. The payment is 20% of whatever is available to INI Diversity at the time client is   successful.

7h. Upon termination, Referral Agents shall be entitled to pro rated amount as at the extent of services performed.

A list of expenses will be made available to the Referral Agent upon success before payment.

9. Conflict of Interest 
The Referral Agents contract may be terminated with immediate effect in the event           of conflict of interest.

10. Dispute Resolution
The Referral Agent and INI Diversity shall resolve dispute among each other without using foul languages or sharing of statement concerning the information on social media.

10a. In the event of dispute, either party should write to each other/oneanother stating the issue and mentioning possible resolution idea.

11. Warning                                                                                                                                                      INI Diverisy will write a warning letter giving the Referral agent the opportuity to correct deffects within ten working days (10) days.

12. Termination            

12a. Both parties have a right to termination. Every Referral agent must write via email to or by post to terminate the contract on reasonable grounds of founded illegal activities; unsuitable to continue or deliver outlined duties.

Both INI Diversity and the Referral Agent shall specify the reason for termination in writing.

12b. Referral Agent must deliver up of all client records in their posession to INI Diversity upon termination.

12c. Shall specify the commencement date of the termination.

13. General

13a Boundaries 
A referral agent or Sub Agent cannot provide advice.

13b. Cannot sign on behalf of clients nor the consultant.

13c. Cannot represent a client.

13d. Cannot stand in place of a consultant.

13e. Cannot terminate clients process

13f. Sub Referral Agent                                                                                                            
a referral agent who appoints a sub agent shall enter into an agreement with each             other describing the scope of the services and remuneration.  INI Diversity must be     informed of this working relationship and all paper work.  INI Diversity is not               responsible for any discripancies.

14  Compliance                                                                                                                                              Total compliance to this agreement is expected of the referral Agent.

15 Changes                                                                                                                                                
Any changes or edits to the original agreement after signatures shall be mutually agreedd upon in writing.

15a. All changes or edits should be initialed by both parties.



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