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Combining resources and infrastructure, our teams are changing peoples’ lives for the better through the Immigration Programs that we offer via Diversity Explorer 

We combine our experience and expertise; we get the clear picture of client requirements and strive to meet client expectations by arranging smooth migration to Canada. Our passion towards our work makes us expand contacts in Canada and become more effective with client filing 

Canadian Immigration Settlement


Canada's Immigration Programs Will Target over 1 Million Immigrants by 2025

Canadian Immigration Settlement


Canada has become more and more open to the idea of a culturally plural nation, in turn making our sense of civic nation stronger than ever before. 

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Edu University was established by John Smith in 1920 for the public benefit and it is recognized globally.


is Immigration Important to Canada?

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" Canada is not a cultural “melting pot”; people are encouraged to retain their cultural, linguistic and religious heritage. "


boost trade ties between Canada and the world

strengthen culture & diversity

are motivated, innovative and entrepreneurial


is the Estimated number of immigrants Canada will need annually by 2035 to meet it's workforce 


Canadas acceptance of immigrants on humanitarian grounds demonstrates compassion, leadership and enhances, Canada's global standing

We understand the importance and significance of referrals. We will pay you for referring a friend, family, or coworker. Once their return is complete we will pay and your referral.

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  • Not knowing what to expect when first calling an immigration service, I was pleasantly greeted by Ms Bukola, her knowledge got me excited right away. She started me off, with the 3 basic things, then we were off and away, I would highly recommend their services to anyone coming into the country... Thank you so much for the opportunity.

    Product ManagerSunny Jin & Family
  • Bukola did a fantastic job. I definitely recommend her services, she is very friendly, and knows how to get paperwork in order and she is very organized,  we spent less time waiting and more time taking in the scenery... what a tranisition, Thank you so much

    Principal James Warner
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