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Welcome to Diversity Initiatives for New Immigrants Association

About Art/Culture/Festival & Immigrant Settlement

You Can Be a Hero Too!

We invite all and sundry to join us and welcome the Stunt Woman in Black Panther at our community building project organized to celebrate The International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination in collaboration with the Genesis Centre NE at 6 pm to 8 pm on Wednesday March 21, 2018 in the Community Gym This is to inspire young Calgarians to live life with positive impact and make our society a safe and peaceful place populated with vibrant adults.


INI Diversity engages new immigrants through arts and recreation for holistic settlement and community involvement/leadership.

Our Purpose

· To preserve diverse art/cultural  


· Hitch free settlement

· Social Responsibility 

Our Mission 

To ensure inclusion

Our Vision

Timely settlement and integration 

Our complementary (CREAM) package 

(C) Connect with social workers and  

      Immigrant serving agencies
(R) Reward New Immigrants by fast 

      Tracking settlement
(E) Exposure to needs assessment
(A) Act on acquired set skills and 


(M) Match set skills with employers     

Service Overview

· Housing

· Transportation

· Job search 

· Language

· Education & Skills acquisition

· Finance & Business

· Library 

· Career

· The Canadian system of law and 


· New Immigrant Youth development

· Family support 

· Senior Citizens

· Civic engagement & responsibility

· Recreation, Culture, Festival and 


· Drivers education

As part of our revival in 2018, we have decided to build financial capacity through various social entrepreneurial strategies that include:

· Immigration Consulting

· Language Interpretation

· Child Care 

· Pre School/After School programs in 

  different parts of the City

· Acting and Modeling Agency

· Dance and drama presentations

· Book Publishing

· International conference, training & 

  professional development

Our Social entrepreneurial ventures are services that we offer for the blended purpose of generating income through earned revenues, as a tool to achieving our mission and community projects that contribute to positive social change and community wellness by paying fair wages to project coordinators, assistants and volunteer appreciation.

Community Project Initiatives

We build strong foundation as we use the different creative arts genre in our cause of delivery to relax the new immigrant in the process of settlement and social inclusion to be able to utilize the Canadian vibrant opportunity in the best interest of all.

• Expectancy & Progress Training: 

   Welcoming & Acquainting new 

• Job search, Language, Education & 

   Skill acquisition, in “Joker”
• New Immigrant Youth development 

   in My Pals”

• Black History Month Jeopardy Game 

  & Dinner

• Special Christmas Opera

• Day of the African Child

• Senior Tech

• Mens' Ration (Mr)
• Family Support in “Gains of 

• Recreation, Culture, Arts & Festival 

   in “Notable Differences”

• Mosaic Hub

• Easy Pie
• The Canadian system of law and 

  order is reflected in “The-2-way 



· Calgary Central Library

· Portail de l'Immigrant en Alberta 


· Centre for New Comers Calgary

· Calgary Catholic Immigrant Services


· Arthur Clark

· Calgary Central Library

· St Martha School Calgary

· Calgary Foundation 

· United Way

· Arusha Centre 

· McDonalds 

· Portail de l'Immigrant en Alberta   


· Second Cup 

· Coop 

· Safeway

· Wal-Mart


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We are reviving our association to be able to serve diversity better 

INI Diversity

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Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm

Saturday: By appointment

Sunday: Closed